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Neobux is a pay-per-click membership site run by an internet marketer name Rezk that pays members to click on advertiser links and visit their websites for a certain length of time. Advertisers buy clicks to their websites and program members earn a share of the revenue when they visit these websites. There is also a referral system in place so members can build downlines and earn from them.

I am in online marketing for 3 years and the best method i have found to make real money via internet is that of neobux.Since it’s pre-launch in April 2008, NeoBux has been a slightly different paid to click site compared to your common “paid to click” site.It has Instant payout system. Literally I received my payment within 30 seconds, and the minimum is only $2 through alertpay and paypal,and then it goes up by $1 for each payment after that until you reach $10. You can request any amount over the minimum, i.e. there is no maximum payment amount.

It has a very active forum discussing new features and more! This is an honest and legit site. Welcome to the NeoBux revolution! The Admin at this site is also very active and looks out not only for his users, but also sustainability! Neobux is here to stay.

Here are few of its records

1.Total monetary amount paid: over $22,511,000.00
This value is only related to cashouts.

2.Total monetary amount earned: over $47,910,000.00
This value includes cashouts and all that the users have earned.

3.Membership renewal rate: 98.1%
This percentage only includes the total of Golden membership extensions. Re-upgrades are not included nor users whose accounts have been suspended.

4.Golden Pack renewal rate: 98.8%
This percentage includes all Golden Packs extensions.

5.Total amount of distinct advertisements displayed: 14651
This value is for all distinct advertisements added by users that have been displayed at least once.

6.Total amount of distinct banners displayed: 986
This value is for all distinct banners added in any of the pages where banners are displayed.

7.Total amount of answered support tickets: 123911
This value only relates to tickets sent directly from user's accounts.

8.Average waiting time to answer a support ticket: 36 minutes and 12 seconds.
This is the average time it takes for answering a support ticket since the time it arrives. Sometimes it can take a few days, sometimes a few seconds but that's the average time.

9.Total amount of auto-clicker attempts: 118598141
This is the amount of every attempt (not distinct) made to view an advertisement using any kind of software/script.

10.Total amount of returned users: 87.6%
This is only related to reopened accounts for the 30 day inactivity rule.

11.Highest amount of times a unique user has been recycled: 14
Just as a trivia, this user had his/her account reopened for inactivity 6 times (so far).

12.Total of direct referrals users sold us: 784156
Only actual sales are included.

13.Highest cashed out amount in a single transaction: $20,744.06
This is the highest of all payments we've made.

14.Highest amount of the total of cashouts from a single user: 324
This is the amount of times one user has requested payments.

15.Biggest ROI ever achieved by a user: 37 times (3700%)
This is the biggest return of investment made by a single user.

16.Percentage of referrals under AutoPay: 74.1%
This is the total number of users (referrals) that are being paid using AutoPay.

17.Percentage of rentals by membership: Standard: 1.03%, Golden: 98.97%
This is the percentage related to each type of membership's rented referrals.


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  1. So far Neobux has been great I earned so much money with minijobs and I didn't have to Invest anything. I also rent referals as long as you have a decent recycling strategy they will be really profitable. You can also do offers and surveys.

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